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(In- person shows start in November)


Passin' Where the River Bends 

Written By: Karen A. Yarbrough


A quest for racial identity, this historical drama follows a young college student's search for the African-American experience in a suburban village. Along her journey, she discovers a reclusive, old woman whose family has scattered due to fears. Yet, despite the obstacles, the family resolved to keep their legacy intact for future generations. 


Sunflower Seeds

Written By: Rosette Jarriett


When an unexpected visitor suddenly arrives on their front doorstep, a middle-class family finds their entire world turned upside down. Sunflower Seeds explores their struggle to stay together despite the hidden secrets that come to light. 

Two Torn Apart

Written By: Rosette Jarriett


This play deals with a young boy visiting his past one last time before it is completely thrown away. His past revolves around peer pressure amongst friends, building a loving friendship, partner-to-partner relationships and how change makes a difference to one’s future. Despite of all of his challenges he manages to get through it all. He strives to be a better man not only on the inside, but he wants to show it on the outside.


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